Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I still wonder what it would be like to suck a real man off and still wonder what it would have been like to go out shopping dressed as a woman and to socialize as a woman.
I have been thinking about last year about this time of year.  What or how I would have been dressed, how I would have a hairless body from my eyebrows on down.  What color nail polish would I have on my toenails.  How long I would have a tampon inside of myself or a small vibrating dildo inside of me.  Wearing of a bra and panties with pantyhose.
I have condition myself for the last twelve years or more that the only way I can have an organism is by having a vibrating dildo in my bio pussy and or by wearing a bra and playing with my nipples through it.  Also if I am fully dressed as a woman by rubbing between my legs.  Otherwise I am out of luck when it comes to being a man and trying to have an organism.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Haven't been dressed as a woman for the last nine months, plus I went and got married to an old friend.  Here lately I have been thinking about the good times I have had while dressing as a woman.  In one way I long for it and in another I'm glad I don't do it any more.  It would nice to be able to visit it once in a while.  To be able to go out once in a while dressed as a woman. I don't think the current wife would appreciate it.

Sunday, February 5, 2017


I just ordered myself a cock cage from Amazon I also placed an order from Lane Bryant for a one piece swim suit and a wrist bracelet.   This year I am wanting and I am going to lay out in the sun for a tan while wearing the woman's one piece swim suit.  I have been going to a woman doctor for the past year for high blood pressure.  I am wanting to start being more feminine in appearance when I see her that is why I brought the wrist bracelet, I have been letting my hair grow out, trying to lose some weight.  I have seen a pair of woman's flat shoes that I am interested in getting once I get them I will be wearing them quite often along with woman's slacks/jeans on my nylon covered legs.  I also need to get a manicure with nail extensions.
I also want to start going out completely dressed as a woman this year to shop and to socialize  It would be nice if I could find somebody to take my virgin bio pussy and to suck a real man..

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I had the urge to get dressed as a woman today.  I am sitting typing this out fully dressed as a woman with slacks and a pull over top with my heels on and full makeup on.  As much as I hate wearing slacks it stills feels wonderful being dressed as a woman.  Now if I could just be seen by a hot looking woman, mainly one of my neighbors it would send me over the moon so to speak.  More so if she would actually say something to me as my feminine self.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


So for the last week or so when I get up I spray some perfume on, put on a bra with my silicone breast in it, change my sanitary napkin in my panties and go about my morning.  It feels so wonderful wearing a bra with fake titties and I stay horny all morning it not all day.  I need to do some laundry today and need to wash my bra's and panties.  Hopefully one day this week I will be going out again dressed as a woman to do some shopping.  I would like to go to Macy's and shop for some panties or just out window shopping.  I do need some woman's flat shoes, athletic shoes and lower heel shoes.  I would like to purchase some excising clothes for a woman so I can start excising.  I do know I will need a sports bra.

Friday, January 13, 2017


I started early this morning taking a shower using scent body wash, using a feminine douche as an enema and inserting a super plus tampon in to help hold the liquid in.  Once flushed out so to speak I re-inserted a well lubricated super plus tampon back in.  Sprayed on perfume , panties with a sanitary napkin, bra with my silicone breast glued on.  Next came black pantyhose with a control brief, black heels and a nylon robe.  I the started on my makeup and for once got the eyeliner right once I was satisfied with my makeup I then had to decide what to wear.  I went with skinny jeans and a pull over top, next came a wig and earrings.  I loaded my woman's billfold up and stuck in my purse.  Before I could walk out the door my hot looking married neighbor left, I had wanted her to see me as a woman ready to go out shopping.  Instead I went and masturbated, strip everything off washed the makeup off.  Now I am wanting to get dressed again.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Today I decided that whenever I am home I will wear a bra as I wear panties 24/7 anyway.  So this morning after putting on a bra I slipped my breast inserts into it got dressed as my drab self and went outside to do some chores.  It felt wonderful, now I need to take a shower and of course I will be using some feminine body wash.  I will spray myself with perfume, don panties with a sanitary napkin and put on another bra without my inserts as I need to go to a couple of stores today as my drab self.
Friday morning I will be going out again dressed as a woman as I want to go to a store and purchase a vibrating dildo, a regular dildo and some butt plugs.
Come Saturday if I don't go somewhere with a friend I will be going out as a woman to a support group.