Saturday, May 12, 2018


If I wasn't married I would be dressed as a woman right now and would have been for the last year.  I would still have all of my woman's attire and makeup.
I might even be out shopping right now as a woman, I do know I would have been out socializing as a woman in the evenings and on the weekends.
I would have had a woman's swimsuit last year to lay out in.  My hair would be down to my shoulder and I would have kept it in a pony tail during the week.
I would have been getting a pedicure, manicure at least once a month, would had my ears pierced at least once.
Most of my attire would be feminine, I would have several purses and woman's billfolds.  A separate room for all feminine items and woman's jewelry.  No telling how many woman's shoes I would have.
I would even wear some woman's clothes when I see my woman doctor for high blood pressure. When she would have me take deep breaths to check my lungs she would feel my bra straps.  Then when she checks for swollen ankles she would feel my nylons.  She might even prescribe some female hormones.
Who knows what may have happen if I wasn't married.


Haven't had anymore crazy dreams, but still long for panties and a bra.  I would like to use hair remover all over my body and to start applying nail polish to my toenails.  I would also like to start taking enemas again using feminine douche. Also start back up using feminine hygiene products, spraying perfume on my body.
I wouldn't mind using some makeup, especially lipstick and mascara.  I wouldn't mind getting my ears pierced and change out my wedding band for a stone wedding ring.
Since I started a new job and I like it, may see about a post office box and get a few things.

Friday, March 9, 2018


Had another crazy dream last night, this one the current wife decide that it would be better if on the weekends if three women lived in the house instead of two women and one male.
She had me use hair remover all over my body, moisturize my body, out came a cock cage and I was put into it.  Next came a pair of panties, a bra, woman's top, my jeans but was told we would go shopping for woman's jeans (we as in my wife her oldest daughter and myself), then they applied makeup to my face and said you will get some of your own.  We then headed out to get a pedicure and a manicure on my toenails they gave me a dark color, on my fingernails a pale pink color.  Next they took me to get my ears pierced  and eyebrows thinned.
I was told from here on out on weekends and whenever they decide I am to dress as a woman including makeup and perfume and to behave as one.  My wife and I went shopping for some dildos two strap on dildos and one that I can use on her while licking on her lips.  One of the strap on dildo is for her to use on me and the other I am to use on her as I will have my cage on most of the time.  The few times she said she would let out is if I agree to wear a condom and slip on the strap on dildo in-case I shoot any cum I can shoot into the condom and she can feed it to me later.  I was told that this summer I would be wearing a woman's swim suit when our above ground pool is erected, during the week I would wear a  old tee shirt so that her 11-year old twins girls wouldn't see my tan lines.  My current wife told me once the twins are in their middle teens, then she will introduce them to the other woman in the house.   I am to keep myself hair free and to start growing my hair out and to use the proper shampoo and conditional on it.

Thursday, March 8, 2018


Have been having some crazy dreams here lately, the one last night has my ex-wife in it.  She came by, had me remove all body hair, use an enema, get dressed as a woman with makeup, wearing a woman's top and skirt with heels.  We went out shopping as two women, had our nails done my ears pierced and the next thing we are checking into a hotel as we both were getting hot over each other.  Once in the hotel room we help ourselves to some wine to ease into the mood.  There is a knock at the door the ex-wife opens the door and three men enter.  One man starts on my ex-wife kissing her and playing with breasts another man starts caressing my butt through the skirt and the other starts kissing me on the lips.  Next thing I know they have me bend over a chair one pushes up my skirt and pulls down my pantyhose and panties while the other has me sucking his cock, I feel some lube in my bio pussy and a couple of fingers going in.  The next thing I feel is his cock going in my bio pussy.  I happen to glance over and see my ex-wife getting the fucking of her life.  Then I feel cum shooting down my throat and cum shooting inside my bio pussy.  Both men are spent and the third came in my ex-wife's pussy.  The three men leave and I crawl over to lap the cream pie out of my ex-wife.  After that I woke up.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Can't stop thinking about getting back into dressing as a woman, on Monday and Tuesday the wife leaves for work at 6:50am and doesn't get back home until around 8:00pm.  Stepdaughter leaves for work around 2:25pm and gets back home around 11:00pm, I also have two 11-yr old's stepdaughters, their dad has them back home no later than 6:00pm Monday thru Friday.   So on Mondays I would have about  hours 5-1/2 hours, Tuesday;s I would 2-1/2 hours, Wednesday thru Friday about 2-hours a day.  I would be able to wear panties 24/7 A bra just on the days I would have a couple of hours.  One day out of the week usually Sunday My wife and oldest stepdaughter likes to spend the day to themselves, they are gone for a good 12-hours,  I could dressed as a woman for most of that time and entertain myself.   For a few hours a day I would be able to wear some form of makeup and to keep nail polish on my toenails.  I would be able able to get my body hair free and to wear pantyhose over my panties and pair of heels.  Women's slacks and/or jeans along with a woman's top and be carrying a purse when I would go out.

Monday, February 19, 2018


Went to Wal-Mart to buy men's underwear, couldn't believe the price they wanted for them.  Four pairs of bikini underwear for $19.99 guess it was good price but don't have a problem spending more then that for women's panties.  At least I enjoy wearing them.
Once I get my taxes done next week hopefully I can some, women's panties that is along with a bra.
My nipples have been staying erect ever since I shaved the chest hair off, I believe they are wanting a bra to encase and hold them.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I well be stripping down here shortly and will be trimming my body and pubic hair down to where I will be able to use shaving cream and a razor on both areas in the next day or so.
I may stop by a store in the next day or so and purchase some bikini or hipster panties, feminine douche and other feminine hygiene products.
I need to get back to wearing panties and using feminine hygiene products.
I always felt more at ease when I hairless, had a well lubricated tampon inside of me, panties on with a sanitary napkin in them.  It always felt right and natural to be that way.
When I wear panties I have to sit to take care business and it always felt right also. To change my sanitary napkin and tampon.
I always kept my face clean shaven everyday unlike now it isn't.  Always felt more at ease with myself and didn't worry what others thought.  Unlike now I worry what others think.
It already feels so much better using a electric razor for trimming sideburns; to removing the bulk of body hair and pubic hair.  Knowing in the next day or two I will be shaving it all off and will have to shave my body every other day or so to keep it off.
Should I ever get the chance to use hair remover lotion I will use that time wisely.