Wednesday, April 24, 2019


I got to thinking this morning of all of the Easter outfits that I used to buy, and would wear around the house or out in the yard for my neighbors to see me in.
I would also buy matching hats and shoes to go with the outfits.
I always wanted to go to a church service wearing one of those outfits but never did, oh how I regret not doing it.
If I did go out wearing one it was just to ride around town, even later on I would go out completely dressed as a woman and would just go to a post office after hours to snail mail bills.
I would love to be single again at times and to be able to dress completely as a woman and to go out shopping as one and to socialize as one.  At other times I am happy to be married, shame my wife doesn't share my old hobby.
I remember the first time she came to my apartment so long ago, I forgot there was a dress hanging on thee back of the bathroom door. She asked about it and I told her sometimes I like to put it on.  she drpped the subject and has never said another word about it.
It is like don't ask or tell, not into it just drop it.
Really wish she would get into it but know it will never happen.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Last night I got to thinking that I no longer wish to have intercourse with a woman, I would rather snuggle with one, caress her and lick her and that would be it.  I have no desire to stick something in her other than my finger or a dildo.  I wouldn't mind licking cum out of her.
I do want to dress as a woman and to go out as a woman and to socialize with women. With the right man I may even be his girlfriend or wife.  As long as I could always wear dresses, skirts and feminine tops.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


The panties and bras feel so good that I had to order more, just haven't gotten to the store to pick them up yet.
Looking forward to when I get get rid of this ugly body hair, it is one thing I hate is having body hair.
When the time comes instead of using color nail polish on my toenails I will use clear or pale pink, apply the hair remover lotion wait until it tingles then rinse it off, use a feminine douche as a enema and insert a tampon.  Then I will use probably baby oil to smooth my skin.  Don panties, a sanitary napkin and a bra to sleep in.  Next morning change my tampon and sanitary napkin.  I will need to buy some perfume the same brand as what my wife and step-daughter uses and will see if they carry some scented body lotion.  I do know I will be wearing pantyhose over my panties and under my drab attire.

Monday, March 4, 2019


Well my Sunday of losing my body hair got shut down, wife's back went out and spent the day in ER.  I will have to figure another way to lose the body hair.
Just thinking about what I ordered has gotten my nipples hard.
I am still looking forward to wearing the panties when they come in along with the bras.
I will still get a package of sanitary napkins to wear in my panties.
I do know there will be a time when I can lose the body hair and use a feminine douche as an enema.  I just have to wait a bit.

Friday, March 1, 2019


Probably shouldn't have done it, but done it anyway I just placed an order for two bras and six pairs of panties from J.C. Penny.
Monday afternoon I should be able to lose all body hair and the possibility of using feminine douche as an enema.  Along with tampons and sanitary napkins.
I will be able to wear panties 24/7, the bras everyday for a few hours unless it get cold again then I can wear layers.  The same can be said for pantyhose.
Later on I will shop for a woman's swimsuit as I will be able to wear it during the day. Should I get tan lines by wearing the swimsuit so be it. I will just invest in a tank top to make it look like I wore it out in the sun for those tan lines.
I may invest in some unisex tops.
I still have the idea of wearing a bra and panties along with pantyhose under jeans and a top the next time I go see my female doctor for a check up in June.

Sunday, February 17, 2019


Before placing the order for the bras and panties I found on J.C.Penny's web-site I went to the manufacture's web-site and found the same bras a lot cheaper by $20. plus dollars cheaper.  Also went on the web-site for the panties and found that they are on sale on the manufactures web-site as well.  Look like I might as well get a P.O. box after all.  Plus on the panties web-site I can order some pantyhose as well.
Just need to figure a way of losing all of my body hair.  My wife and I don't sleep together no more so being hairless won't be a problem or wearing panties constantly.

Thursday, February 14, 2019


I have been wanting panties and a bra here lately, I finally got to looking on a couple of web-sites and have found what I think I will enjoy on J.C. Penny's site.
Now just have to get a PO Box at a post office and start working on getting my body hair-free.  I have been letting my hair grow,  shouldn't be to hard to use sanitary napkins and other feminine hygiene needs.
I will have to get the same perfume as the wife and step-daughter uses.  I will need to get my own makeup.   I will also need to have a manicure done and to get my ears pierced.  Then to get woman's jeans, tops and shoes along with a woman's coat and purse.
Then either with them or without them start going out dressed as a woman shopping and/or to a club.
Regardless if they have a problem with it or not this is how I am going to live my life as.
The reason I say this the other day after they went out to do their thing the wife says, now you can do whatever you want. 
Went back on J.C.Penny's web-site and checked to see if I could have it sent to the store for a pick-up.  I will do that for now.  I may have to light some scented candles when I use the hair remover lotion.  When I get to that point I will also use some feminine douche as a enema and then use some feminine hygiene products. Then I will be ready to don my lingerie.