Sunday, June 21, 2015


I went ahead and removed all body hair and then applied scented body lotion on my body.  I also sprayed some perfume on and have gotten dressed as a woman.  I wanted to try on the dress and shoes that came yesterday, sorry to say the dress is too small and the shoes are tight.  Both will be going back.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


My dress and heels that I ordered earlier this week came to day, I was hoping to wait until after the fourth of July to get feminine but I think that may happen on Sunday or Monday now.  I still need some feminine douche and a vibrating dildo but can get by with the douche. 
I have a few chores to do outside if it ever stops raining then I will lose the body hair and use some scented body lotion, get under dressed as a woman and head to the store for the douche and some spray on glue for my silicone breast.
Then on Monday I will use the douche and get dressed as a woman with my silicone breasts glued on and try on the dress and heels along with some makeup, wig and women's jewelry.

Monday, June 15, 2015


I went and ordered a new dress and heels from Lane Bryant just now.  I don't really need it but felt like I would look good in it.
I guess I am more of a woman then I want to let on, I am hoping by fall I can start going out as a woman.
 It would be nice to have another woman to go shopping with or just to have a woman's day and/or night out on the town.
At this stage in life I wouldn't mine a man taking me out as a woman, to have him have his arm around me, to order for me, to hold a chair for me.  To completely treat me as his woman.  Of course I would have to treat him as my man, when coming back from powdering my face I would drop my panties in his lap, but to keep something from springing up I would have to have it in a cage.
It has gotten to the point pictures don't do nothing for me , I have to read a story to get excited any more.  As the third sentence say's I am more of a woman then I let on.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Ok, the urge is slowly building up but I have notice that I have hair that has just started growing on my back, of all of the places for it to grow.
I think I can use some hair remover lotion on a rag or wash clothe on a handle and get it off.  If that doesn't work guess I will have to go to a salon for wax strips or pay extra for electrologist  to remove all body hair.
I need to go to the store today or tomorrow and when I do I am buying some douche, in case I am successful in removing the hair on my back and other body hair.
Yes, I am going to get dressed as a woman.  I need my high and that is how I get it.

Friday, June 5, 2015


Ever since Jenner has come out about being transgender, had breast argumentation done, some facial features done and a reality show about it.  I have been having an urge to purge all of my feminine attire.  I know as soon as it happens I will regret it.  I will just keep in store away until the urge to get feminine come back again as we all know it does.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I have just gotten out the shower where I had rinsed my body hair down the drain, once I patted myself dry I applied scent body lotion.  I then placed some lubricant on a super pus tampon and took a feminine douche then inserted the tampon.  It feels so wonderful.  I will have to make a trip to an adult store and get a new vibrating dildo, the one I have now quit vibrating, I will still use until I can get a new one.  I will probably go to a store under-dressed as a woman, I would rather go there fully dressed as a woman if I thought I could pull it off.  It would be nice to find another woman to go with or with a man  with me being dressed as the woman.
I don't know how far I will go in dressing as a woman today but do know I will be under-dressed as one if I go somewhere.