Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Yesterday I have the urge to get feminine and I went all out, by the time I was done I was completely dressed as a woman including a dress, makeup, jewelry and a wig and it felt fantastic.
I am planning on doing it again this afternoon and I am hoping I can go out as a woman this evening to snail mail a couple of letters.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


It took until today for me to get into my feminine mood and it has felt great so far.  The flushing out of my system by using a feminine douche does wonders for a person's soul.  The use of the vibrating dildo also done wonders for the soul.
I am sitting here with nail polish on my toenails, regular flow tampon in my love hole, perfume sprayed on, panties with a sanitary napkin in them, coffee color pantyhose, silicone breast glued on, black slip on heels, black all-in-one body brief and a swim suit cover up on.  It felt so wonderful and right that I was dressed in woman's lingerie.  I felt the need to masturbate and when I did I lost my need to be dressed as a woman.  I still have the nail polish on my toenails plus I kept the panties with sanitary napkin in them but everything else came off.
 I would like to go out as a woman next week sometime.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


For the last couple of days have been really stressful around my home and I am thinking that this afternoon will be the time to relive that stress.
I will start by applying nail polish to my toenails, apply hair remover lotion let it set for five minutes at least, rinse it off in the shower, apply scented body lotion, use a feminine douche, insert a super plus tampon and hope to hold it in twenty to thirty minutes.  Once flushed out, lube my vibrating dildo and insert it into my love hole working it in and out until I can't stand it anymore.  I will then insert a regular flow tampon back into my love hole, spray myself with perfume and proceed to get dressed as a woman including makeup, jewelry and a wig.
I will also do the same thing for the next few days to week.  Hopefully one night or evening this week I can go out as a woman to snail mail some letters.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


By the time I got everything just right, I broke out in a sweat.  I should have known not to apply foundation but I did anyway.  Laid down on the bed and stroke my shaft didn't take long to orgasm.
Strip everything off and washed my makeup off and got back into my male mood.
Today being Sunday having that urge again to be feminine, may have to apply nail polish to my toenails then get back into a feminine mood, which will happen sooner then later.  I have already sprayed glue on a couple of different sizes of silicone breast.  I hope to wear them all day on Monday with or without a bra.  May even wear a woman's swimsuit outside on Monday depending on the temperature.
I want to start wearing feminine items and/or going out completely as a woman in the next few weeks.  I still would like to find employment in a woman's specialty store even if only working in the back where as I could wear some feminine items to work in.

Friday, September 5, 2014


I woke up early this morning a lot earlier then I normally do.  Once up I realize that I forgot to to remove the tampon  that I had inside of me.
Part of me wants to go to a party this morning as a woman to experience being a sissy fagot, to learn to give a BJ and to take it in the rear.  In one sense I am afraid that I will like it and want more of it but then again I might also hate it.
I think the biggest fear is having people see me who I really am or seeing my double life turning into a single life and that is one of being a sissy fagot.
Although if I could get the money out of everything that I have brought in the last eleven years I would probably give it all up.  To be able to live as a woman somewhere and not to see any current friends and/or relatives.  To find all new friends that would only know me as a sissy fagot/woman.
I will be getting dressed as a woman this morning but I will be taking my time doing it, just in case I do decide to go to the party.  I want my appearance to be just right.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


This evening I am hoping to become a woman once again and to enjoy myself as a woman on Friday as well.
It has been to long for me not to be feminine in some way.  I have been looking forward to this since late last week.  I could go out in the morning as a woman to a party and get the full experience as a woman or a sissy  to sucking a man and to have the experience of being taking anal by a man.  It has always been one of my fantasies but to make it a reality I just don't know.  I think I would rather be taken by a woman with a strap on first then go from there.
Just got out of the shower where as I just lost my body hair, have nail polish on my toenails and have taken a feminine douche with a super plus tampon to hold it in.
Once flushed out I went ahead and used my vibrating dildo on myself and it felt wonderful.  I then went ahead and got dressed in some lingerie and had perfume sprayed on.
I will be getting dressed as a woman in the morning and may go out as one for a drive. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I finally got around to getting my feminine items this morning. Either this evening or tomorrow I will be using some of it to get back into a feminine mood.
Once back into my feminine mood I will be using my vibrating dildo on myself and then getting completely dressed as a woman including makeup, wig and woman's jewelry.  I am hoping I can go out somewhere as a woman even if it is only for a drive somewhere as a woman.  The worst thing would be to sit on my back porch as a woman.