Sunday, February 5, 2017


I just ordered myself a cock cage from Amazon I also placed an order from Lane Bryant for a one piece swim suit and a wrist bracelet.   This year I am wanting and I am going to lay out in the sun for a tan while wearing the woman's one piece swim suit.  I have been going to a woman doctor for the past year for high blood pressure.  I am wanting to start being more feminine in appearance when I see her that is why I brought the wrist bracelet, I have been letting my hair grow out, trying to lose some weight.  I have seen a pair of woman's flat shoes that I am interested in getting once I get them I will be wearing them quite often along with woman's slacks/jeans on my nylon covered legs.  I also need to get a manicure with nail extensions.
I also want to start going out completely dressed as a woman this year to shop and to socialize  It would be nice if I could find somebody to take my virgin bio pussy and to suck a real man..