Friday, December 26, 2014


My feminine self had ordered two tops a couple of weeks ago and they came last week along with scented body wash and scented body lotion  that she also ordered.
Now with the shoes that she is waiting on, she will be getting dressed as the woman she thinks she is in the New Year.
She already had him get some hair remover lotion for her to use in the next couple of days and she will be using some feminine douche as an enema.
Of course when she uses it she will also use a tampon and sanitary napkin in her panties.
She is doing her best to convince him to let his hair grow out and if she can convince him to do it by this time next year (s)he should have pierced ears and will be wearing pierced earrings.
They both need to find employment somewhere, so he can pay bills and she can continue to shop for women clothes and accessories.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


My male self has been having some issues with his toes, he seems to think that his female side has been wearing the wrong size woman's shoes.  She has been wearing the same size as her male part does.
To keep from giving it up she has ordered a new pair of heels two sizes bigger then her male self wears.  She is hoping this will convince her male side to keep up her female appearance as she has way to many clothes to just give up.
Plus she has ordered and have received some more scented body wash and scented body lotion from Victoria Secret.
She hasn't given up on being a woman and is more then willing to convince her male side to get that manicure and to start going out as a woman.

Monday, December 15, 2014


It took until today being Monday for him to get back into her feminine mood and only happen around 2:00 pm.
It now 3:30 pm and as far as she has gotten she removed the body hair applied nail polish to her toenails, taken a feminine douche and have a regular tampon inside of herself.  She did spray perfume on, panties with a sanitary napkin inside of them, black pantyhose, all-in-one body brief, black slip on heels, a light lace cover up.  She also has on her makeup and she is fighting with the male side as he wants to masturbate.  She wants to stay like this for as long as she can.
Now if she can convince him to get a manicure done then she will start going out as a woman.  There won't be no changing back and forth.  She will leave here as a woman do her thing as a woman and come back home as a woman.

Friday, December 12, 2014


My male self has convinced her to wait until the first of the next week to get the top and sweater.  He was also able to convince her to wait until Sunday to remove what body hair that has grown back.  She has gotten her way somewhat as he needs to go to the grocery store for a few things, he will be going there under-dressed as a woman with some makeup on.  He will also get her some new nail polish, foundation and new eyeliner.
He has agree to give her free rein on Sunday to do whatever she wants to do to his body.  He also agree to wear all feminine attire to the store to pick up her items.  He may balk at the heels but we will see.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


My feminine self had ordered a top and sweater from Catherine's and just checked her email account it has come in to a local store.  She went with the free shipping to a store instead of having it sent to the house.
I could wait until next week to get it but will probably go out in the morning and pick it up.  She has been wanting to get feminine again, my male self was holding out until Sunday but it looks like it will be in the morning instead.  She will just have to early to get into her feminine self and go from there.

Friday, December 5, 2014


The day after she tried on one of the sweater dresses and she didn't like them.  It wasn't an hour later and she was walking out the door wearing a pullover sweater top, her new black slacks, black slip on heels, her long wool coat, wig, makeup and jewelry on carrying her purse and the bag of dresses.  She made a show for the woman across the road in case she was looking out.  She took her time in getting into her vehicle and then leaving as the woman she believes she is.  Once out of sight then the male side took over he removed the earrings and wig.  Found a place to remove the silicone inserts and change in gym shoes and a different coat.  Kept everything else on.  After sending the dresses back she made him change back into her attire and go back home as the woman she left as.

Monday, December 1, 2014


On this past Saturday my feminine self has managed to order a new pea-coat and a scarf from Jessica London.  Not that she needs it she just wanted it, She had ordered two sweater dresses and a pair of black slacks from Roman's and they came this past week.  She got the chance to try the slacks on and she fell in love with them,  I believe that is why she ordered the pea-coat, she is thinking that if she has that style coat she will be going out more.