Monday, October 26, 2015


I wasn't going to get dressed as a woman today but here I sit with panties, sanitary napkin in them, jet black pantyhose, control brief,  bra with silicone breast inserts, woman's blue jeans, heels and a woman's pull over top.
I also applied foundation, face powder and lip gloss so far.  I can't forget about the perfume I sprayed on myself.  Here shortly I will apply some eye shadow and mascara.
Hopefully the grocery store won't be packed like it has been the last few times I have been there.  I really need some feminine supplies.
I didn't do it yesterday, I'm going to see if I have any makeup sponges in my purse and if I do I will getting under-dressed as a woman with some light makeup on and go out out and get my needed supplies.  As I have all of my chores done for the day.
I got lucky found an unopened bag of makeup sponges and a package of mascara.  I am now sitting here under-dressed as a woman with some makeup and lip gloss on along with perfume sprayed on.  I have my bra on with silicone breast inserts and heels on.  For now I have an oversize drab tee shirt on and will don a pair of woman's jeans and a pair a drab gym shoes to do my shopping in.  I will probably take out the breast inserts while I am shopping.
Depending on the weather I might not be home this weekend but if I am I want to go out completely dressed as a woman to a gay and lesbian club.  Starting next month I want start going out as a woman either in the evening to a club or out during the day to do some shopping.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Had to do some chores around here in drab attire today.  My new wig should here on Wednesday and hopefully by Thursday I will be to dressing as a woman.
I still need a few things from the store for my transformation into dressing as a woman.  Mainly makeup as I am running low.
Hopefully when I am out doing some more chores in drab attire tomorrow I can get what I need or what she needs.
I am still planning on going out as a woman at the end of the month and I will have a manicure done with just clear nail polish.
Hopefully by this time next year my hair will have grown out and I will have my ears pierced and my hair styled in a feminine cut.
It would be so nice to have someone to share this with, to have somebody suck and nibble on my breast, to have them treat me as a woman.

Monday, October 19, 2015


I found myself wanting to be a woman this afternoon and here I sit completely dressed as one and it feels so wonderful and natural.
Surely to God a natural born woman has to feel beautiful when dressed in nylons, heels, makeup and a dress if she doesn't then something has to be wrong with them.
Still waiting on my new wig, love the dresses I got would really like to go out shopping as a woman to try them on before buying them.
I need to work on losing some weight so that I can go down in dress sizes.
It has to be a wonderful feeling to have someone to share this activity with just wish I had someone.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


I really miss not dressing today as a woman but had some needed chores that needed to be done outside.
On Thursday I will once again be dressing as a woman as my tops and new dresses came today and I need to try them on.
If all goes well I should be able to dress as a woman for the next couple of days and if my new wig comes in I may even go out for a drive somewhere.
Today is Thursday morning from the time I took a shower to dress and applying makeup it was 30-minutes.  I didn't take a douche or used my vibrator, but still feels wonderful being dressed as a woman.
One of my new dresses came yesterday and I guess the other one will arrive today or on Friday.  It feel so nice and looks good on me.
Hopefully my new wig will come either today or in the next few days. 
I need to find somewhere to get a manicure done as I do want to go out as a woman, the feeling is getting stronger everyday.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Have been feminine for the last two day and it feels wonderful I even have applied makeup.  I tried on my new dress like it but not the top it will be going back.
I have come to the conclusion today the vibrating dildo feels good but I have to get a bigger one, it just isn't giving me the satisfaction I crave.
Hopefully by end of month I will going out as a woman, I ordered a new wig a bit darker then then my hair and shoulder length.  I desperately want to go grocery shopping as a woman and to start going out to clubs as a woman.
I do need to get a manicure done and have my eyebrows arch into a feminine shape.
I have ordered a couple of new dresses and some more tops along with pantyhose and knee highs.
I have a hard understanding myself why I like to dress as a woman and try to explain to someone why I do it.
My hope if and when I start to go out dressed as a woman is that I can find someone who likes this side of me and doesn't mind when I feel the need to dress as a woman.  They whether it is a woman or a man will see to it that I become the best person I can be when I am dressed as a woman.

Friday, October 9, 2015


Got back from a mini vacation as a male still haven't tried on my new dress and top.  I believe I am going to have make myself lose the body hair that has grown back and to become the woman that is inside of me.
She did get her way the other evening where she ordered some new tops and two new dresses, plus she ordered some scented body wash and scented body lotion from Victoria Secret.
I should have been back into my feminine mood by now but that hasn't happen, hopefully by end of weekend I will be.