Friday, May 20, 2016


I now have about eight bra's of two different styles and ten pairs of panties seven of which are hipsters and three are high cut briefs.
Late next week I will place a couple of orders one for some new silicone breast and the other for pantyhose.  I will also start to restock my feminine hygiene supplies, makeup, nail polish and perfume.  I may also place an order for an all-in-body brief, then start looking at dresses on line along with woman's tops and slacks/jeans.  I will also need another woman's billfold and purse.  Then I will need to go out shopping for woman's shoes.
I think this year if my shoulder surgery is successful come Halloween I will be going out in public dressed as a woman to do my grocery shopping and to go out on the town so to speak.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


I need surgery to repair the muscles in my shoulder, that is happening on May 25.  After I have that surgery after about a week or so I am thinking I will go ahead and order some breast inserts so that when I get the OK to start using my arm again I can don a bra and my inserts along with some panties and slowly become dress as a woman again.
It has been hard on me by not being able to dress as a woman or as the sissy that I know I am.  I much prefer the feel of feminine undergarments and wearing of makeup and perfume then that of being dressed in drab attire.

Friday, May 6, 2016


I am thinking the next time I am in the grocery store I will go ahead and get some feminine douche, two different sizes of tampons and a pack of sanitary napkins.  I may also go ahead and get what makeup I need along with some nail polish to use on my toenails.  I might as well get some Nair Hair remover while I am at it.
Might as well get a package or two of pantyhose.
If I could kick myself I would do it for throwing all of those clothes out.
By fall I am hoping to start going out as a woman and would like to find a woman who wouldn't mind me being dressed as a woman.  If that is impossible to find an understanding woman then I will find a man who is interested in a feminine male and become his bitch.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Looks like I will need surgery to repair a muscle in my arm or shoulder.
The last few days the only thing I have been thinking about is wearing some panties and a bra.  Being fully dressed as a woman and going out shopping or to a club.  I have also been thinking of being dressed as a woman and being taken by a man and becoming his bitch in heat.
I couldn't stand it any more not having any panties and bra's, so I ordered my panties from Macy's and the style of bra's that I like from Roman's.  I also ordered a black wool coat and scarf from Roman's as well.
One way or another I will be wearing panties by end of the month and hopefully a bra.  Then the real shopping can begin.