Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I have been looking at cross dressing web-sites more since I am snowed in then I normally do.
I need to take a shower and when I do I believe I will apply nail polish to my toenails, use hair remover lotion, douching and inserting a tampon.  Then I will spray myself with perfume, panties with a sanitary napkin, bra and lounge wear.
Tomorrow should I go out or do anything, I will take another shower using scented body wash, douche again and insert another tampon, spray myself with perfume, panties with a sanitary napkin. pantyhose and one of my all-in-one body briefs.  Then I will put on my drab attire if I am going out if not then I will be putting on a dress and heels with makeup, wig and jewelry.

Monday, February 16, 2015


I was planning on going out today dressed completely as a woman.  I wasn't going to take no extra shoes or coat.  I was going to present myself as a woman out shopping.
That all got changed today as a major snow storm hit the area.  The weather forecast doesn't look good until next week sometime.
I may have to do some shopping on the internet instead.
Once the weather turns warmer I do want (need) to go out as a woman.  There is something inside of me that keeps telling my feminine self she needs to go out and about as a woman.  To go shopping and socializing as a woman.