Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Did some chores outside as my male self but kept thinking about getting back into my feminine self.  I do need to go out today and pay a bill and pick up a couple of things that I forgot last evening but it will have be mostly male attire on the outside and feminine under things.
I do need to do some housework and I do it better when I am dressed as a woman.
I did get dressed completely as a woman including full makeup, earrings, dress, perfume and heels and it felt wonderful hope to do it again soon.
I have made a couple of orders from Lane Bryant, One Hane's Place and two wigs from Paula Young.  I think my subconscious knows something that my conscious doesn't know.  That maybe in the weeks and months to come I will be going out as a woman.


I gave a teenager something to talk about to her mother and I'm sure to her friends last evening.  Went to the grocery store yesterday evening underdressed as a woman with some light makeup on and purchase face powder, eye liner, eye shadow and mascara.  There was a teenager watching from the aisle behind me.  I then went in the aisle that she was in and picked up two boxes of feminine douche.
I'm sure if she look at the bottom of my jeans she could tell I was wearing nylons.

Monday, July 14, 2014


I had made my mind up if the man across the road was out for an overnight delivery I was going to leave my home completely dressed as a woman this evening.  Since he is home I will just go out underdressed as a woman to buy some more feminine hygiene items; such as douche, tampons, sanitary napkins and hair remover lotion.  May also buy some new mascara and eye liner.
Since I will be out might as do some grocery shopping. 
Later this week I do need to find employment somewhere since I have ordered some woman's slacks and a new dress.  I would like to order a few more feminine items.  I probably should start shopping locally again as I did a few years ago when I went to Lane Bryant and tried on a blouse and a skirt before buying them.  I would like to do that again only this time where it out of the store.


To hot outside to do anything so I came inside and got into my feminine self.  I used the rest of the hair remover lotion that I had, used the last feminine douche that I had.  I also now have nail polish on my toenails, I also used my vibrating dildo in my love hole and shot cum on my leg which I scoop up and ate.
I then sprayed myself with perfume, and inserted a regular flow tampon back into my love hole, donned panties with a sanitary napkin in them, coffee color pantyhose was next with my black slip on heels.  Sprayed some glue on a pair of silicone breasts and don a bra then inserted the silicone breast in my bra, then donned a control panty girdle.  Sat at my computer for a while then don a load of clothes and changed into a all-in-one body brief and applied some lip gloss and sat around for the next few hours.
Once it cool down outside I strip myself of all clothes except for my panties and put on some male clothes and went back outside to do some chores.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Here it is Saturday morning and I am having an overwhelming urge to wear a bra and to keep it on all day.  I am also thinking of putting nail polish on my toenails. 
Is the moon doing this?  Since it closest to the earth this time of the year?  I like it if it is doing it, it could stay around for a month or more.
If not then I am just going through one of my moods or having PMS.  Thinking today or tomorrow I will be using my hair remover lotion again, douching and inserting a tampon.  Getting under-dressed as a woman with some light makeup and perfume on to go grocery shopping.  I may go ahead and fill out an application on line for work at a couple of woman's specialty stores.  What do I have to lose, the stores already know I shop there.  Other then my references will find out about me.
I went ahead and donned a bra and panties this morning but had an overwhelming urge to masturbate which I did but now the urge is back this afternoon to get feminine.  I wish I could over come my silliness about feeling ashamed of myself after I masturbate while I am dressed in lingerie.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Seen my hot looking neighbor this morning after doing some chores outside I now have taking a shower using scented body wash and have taken a douche with a super plus tampon inside of me.
I was browsing on the Lane Bryant web-site and ordered two pairs of woman's  slacks and one dress that zips up the side. 
I just got through using my vibrating dildo again and it felt wonderful, I now have a regular flow tampon inside of me and have don panties with a sanitary napkin in them.  I have also sprayed myself with perfume and have sprayed some glue on a pair of silicone breast of which once I donned a bra I slip the breast into the cups of the bra.  I am hoping they stayed glued on.  If they do stay glued on I will then put on my woman's swim suit and go outside.  If not I will finish getting underdressed as a woman and go to the bank, lumber yard and smoke shop.
I tried on both swim suits that I have and I didn't like how I looked in either one.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I was doing good until I got on my feminine face book account and clicked on a pantyhose site.  Now here I am hairless have taken a douche with a super plus tampon inside of me, scented body lotion on with the prospect of using my vibrating dildo on myself.  Inserting another tampon inside of me, spraying myself with perfume, donning panties with a sanitary napkin in them, pantyhose, woman's jeans, maybe a bra with a pull over top or just the pull over top, woman's billfold, light makeup with some lip gloss, woman's slip on flat shoes or my heels.
I do need to go to the grocery store, wonder if I could pull it off and go there as a woman.  I would need to wear a wig and glue it on. I would also want to wear a dress with heels or a skirt and a pull over top or blouse.  I would also need to have my nails done.  Might be better idea to wait until this fall then go there as a woman.
I will be dressing as one in the weeks to come.  I am hoping to lie out in the sun as a woman also.
It took three pairs of pantyhose before I could get one on without a run in them, this has only happened one other time several years ago.  Might be time to buy some more pantyhose.