Friday, January 31, 2014


It is suppose to be in the mid thirties today and warmer up for the weekend.  This cross-dresser needs to get her act together and start working to better herself toward being more feminine.  I have a few errands to run on Friday and either by Friday evening or on Saturday morning I will be getting ready to become a woman for the weekend.
If I could ever win the Power Ball or Mega Millions I would like to live the rest of my life as a woman with something extra between her legs.  I would want to have breast argumentation to increase my own breast size and to take some male hormone blockers.  Then I would move somewhere warmer in the winter time and live the rest of my life as the woman I believe I am at times.

Monday, January 27, 2014


A female friend of mine her mother had passed away this past Saturday and I agreed to be a pallbearer, so now I need to go out and purchase some white tee shirts to wear under a dress shirt that I still have.
You know where this is going as I can't go anywhere unless I have something feminine on to go shopping.  So I will be taking a shower using scented body wash, scented body lotion, douche and insert a tampon then spray on perfume and get under-dressed as a woman.  If I can get my butt in gear I can applied some makeup when I head out along with woman's billfold and woman's black wool coat.
Still haven't gone but am sitting here wishing I would have lived my life after divorced some twenty-something years ago as a woman instead of the make believe male that I am living as.  If I can ever get ahead I would like to take a trip somewhere warmer to check out the living arrangements and live there as a woman to my end of days.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


There are some things I need/want from the store, here shortly I will be working toward being a under-dressed as a woman with some makeup and perfume on.
Just gotten out of the shower where I used scented body wash and have taken a feminine douche with a super plus tampon inside of me.
I did get dressed as a woman with makeup and perfume on but didn't make it out of the house.  I managed to masturbate and that was the end of dressing as a woman.  About the only thing I kept on was the nail polish on my toenails.  I didn't even buy the hair remover or douche that I wanted.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I couldn't stand it any longer I kept thinking about douching and I finally gave in, not before applying nail polish to my toenails, and taking a shower using scented body wash.  Once out of the shower and patted myself dry then I used a feminine douche and inserted a super plus tampon to help hold it in.  Once flushed out I then sprayed myself with perfume and don panties with a sanitary napkin in them, black pantyhose, three inch slip on heels, control brief, bra with silicone inserts and a pull over dress.  It all feels so natural and right.
For sure the rest of the week will be just like what I done this afternoon, if not the rest of the month.  The next time I go grocery shopping I will be going there under-dressed as a woman and will purchase some hair remover lotion along with some more douche.


I have been home sick since Friday the seventeenth of January, I left work an hour early I had miss read the clock when I signed out. 
The young engineer left a voice mail on my cell phone and left a message on face-book  that made me mad.
Needless to say told him I was sick and that I would drop by the office and change my time, then he started back peddling.  By then I was really mad, typed a letter telling him my health was more important to me then that employment was.
So now I have more time to devote to my cross-dressing, still need to find part-time employment.  I would love to find employment in a woman's specialty store/department as long as I could work there as a woman.

Monday, January 13, 2014


I have been wanting to get back into my feminine mode but have kept delaying it until this morning when I forced myself to do it.
I took a shower using scented body wash, patted myself dry then applied scented body lotion all over my body, douched and inserted a well lubricated super plus tampon.  Once flushed out thirty minutes later, I reinserted another well lubricated regular flow tampon, sprayed myself with perfume, don panties with a sanitary napkin, black pantyhose and a black all-in-one.  I went ahead and applied makeup, donned a dress put on a wig and earrings.  I got my black wool coat out and put it on then decided that I also needed to find a necklace to put on, loaded my purse up and thought of walking out the door to go for a drive but didn't.
I have a three day weekend coming up and I am serious thinking of going out somewhere either out for diner or out to a club under-dressed as a woman.  I may even go out to a club as a woman if I can find the nerve to have a manicure done.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I am thinking Friday afternoon toward early evening I will be going to the Lane Bryant store to pick up my order.  Thursday afternoon when I get home from work I will use the hair remover lotion I have and apply nail polish to my toenails.  May take a douche also, that way when I get home Friday afternoon I can take a shower using scented body wash and apply scented body lotion as well.  I will also use feminine douche and insert tampons on Friday as well.  I should be out of here within the hour on Friday.  When I head to the Lane Bryant store I will be under-dressed as a woman wearing woman's jeans and a sweat shirt under my long wool woman's coat.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


With warmer weather coming the next few days high in the thirties compare to the single digits we have now.  I will be getting dressed as a woman when I get home from work and may venture out to pick up my order from the Lane Bryant store.
I will be under-dressed as a woman with some makeup,  perfume on and I will be wearing a woman's watch.  I will also wear a long woman's wool coat and carry a woman's billfold in the coat.

Monday, January 6, 2014


On Friday I was notified that my order is in at the Lane Bryant store.  Yesterday I had something to do that was in the opposite direction then the lane Bryant store is in.  I had thought I would be there when the store open this afternoon.  I didn't start getting into my feminine mood until 11:30am when I took my douche and inserted a super plus tampon to help hold it in. 
After sitting here with the douche and tampon in my love hole I really didn't feel like going out with the cold that we are having in this area.  I should have went out but didn't, hopefully by later this week when the temperature starts rising I will fell like going out and getting my three items.  The next time I order something I will have it sent to my home.
Although it is humiliating at times to walk into a woman's specialty store to pick up something that I have ordered.  Plus I usually walk in there under-dressed as a woman.  When I started to go to the local Lane Bryant store it used to be in a mall.  The first time I walked in there and started to look around a sales woman asked if I needed some help told her what I was looking for and she asked if I knew her size, told her it was for me that I enjoy wearing  woman's clothes.  I picked a couple of skirts and tops and used the dressing room to try on the clothes.  As the sales person walked past I seen her look and she seen my nylon cover hairless legs with nail polish on my toenails.  I brought a skirt and blouse that day and open a charge account.