Saturday, December 31, 2016


I have decided that last night was going to the last night I stay at the friends house.  The bed I have been sleeping in worse then my bed and that is saying a lot.
Plus I want to be a woman on the first day of the New Year to be able to lose my body hair that grown back to gluing on my silicone breast, to using a feminine douche as an enema and inserting a tampon, spraying myself with perfume to putting on a bra and panties to completely dressing as a woman.
Staying all day dressed as a woman.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Turned out that the friend I thought I would be house sitting for need some help after her surgery.  So now I have been staying with her and not being able to cross-dress and it hurting something "bad".
It is looking like it will be the second week in the New Year before I can back home and stay here and become the woman of the house once again.  Sure do miss having nail polish on my toenails or having no body hair. I can't even wear none of my lingerie, I so much want to wear panties and a bra but can't.  She is the type of person DADT.  I also miss not having perfume sprayed on and using women's deodorant and wearing of makeup.+

Monday, December 19, 2016


I thought I was house sitting this week for a friend but found yesterday that isn't the case.  Plan B formed in my head yesterday that I will spend the week dressed as a woman.  Started out this morning as one was able to stay dress completely for four hours.  I would had made it longer but had to masturbate, then I was still able to keep everything on for about ten or fifteen minutes after.
I have a doctor's appointment in the morning considering my shoulder after that I am getting my vehicle serviced and have been talking myself into a manicure and some artificial nails.  Should that last part happen I want to go out shopping dressed as a woman for some woman's slacks, jeans, tops and woman's shoes.  Either way I will still be dressing as a woman after buying feminine hygiene products that I need and will start house cleaning and cooking as the woman of the house.  I wouldn't mind buying a dildo or two while I am out tomorrow.