Thursday, August 6, 2015


Today would have been a good day to get feminine but I blew that early this afternoon.  While I was outside doing some chores between the rain that we have had off and on all day.  I was using the weed wacker when something hit my back window in my vehicle, didn't think much of it until I got something out of it and closed the door then the window shattered.
It had put me in a foul mood for rest of the day, the only thing is now it will have to be Sunday before I can think about becoming feminine once again as I had agreed to have a birthday party at my house on Saturday, hence the reason I was cleaning the outside up.
I still need some spray on glue for my silicone breast, may stop somewhere tomorrow while I am out getting my window repaired.  By Sunday I will need some release for sure and no better way then to act and dress as a woman including makeup, perfume, jewelry, wig and to use my vibrating dildo's on myself.