Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Last evening I moved an exerciser equipment from my outdoor garage to the inside of my home.  Mainly because I want to be dressed as a woman when using it.  Outside I would have too many clothes on just trying to stay warm.  Inside my home I can wear skimpy feminine attire to work out in.
I also went out last evening to get some feminine supplies, which I am planning on going out more dressed as a woman.
Time to start exercising as I have on my skimpy attire.

Monday, January 26, 2015


For the last couple of days all I have been thinking about is excising dressed as a woman.  Today I will be dressed as a woman but before excising as a woman I want to go shoe shopping for some heels and woman's gym shoes.  While I am out I will also shop for nail polish, lipstick/lip gloss, mascara, foundation, feminine douche, hair remover lotion and hair dye.
I would like to buy an woman's excising outfit, then I would have to move the excise machine into my home instead of leaving it in the garage. 
I could do more excising as a woman and work more on losing my fab and getting control over my body once again.
I got completely dressed as a woman, from removing body hair to taking a feminine douche and inserting a tampon into my love hole.  I sprayed on perfume and donned panties with a sanitary napkin in them, coffee color pantyhose, black all-in-one body brief.  Applied my makeup, placed silicone breast on, donned a sleeveless sweater, black slip slacks, wig, earrings, woman's watch, rings and heels.
I then transfer my ID's from my male wallet to my woman's billfold, loaded my purse up, got a long woman's wool coat on.  Grab a pair of black gym shoes and walked out to my vehicle and got in. 
I drove to the payless shoe store, removed my earrings, silicone breast and change shoes.  I removed my billfold and put in the inside pocket of the coat.
I walked into the payless shoe store and brought two pair of woman's shoes.  The next time I go in there I will be wearing my silicone breast, heels, earrings and will be carrying my purse.
I think I have reached the point of going out as a woman shopping.  At the very least shoe shopping as a woman.

Friday, January 23, 2015


I haven't gotten back into my feminine mood since last week, I did check into a couple of fitness center.  I decide that they were too high for me so I went out and brought a second hand fitness machine today.
I will work on using it as soon as I can get it unloaded and hopefully in a couple of months I can see some results.  I will also start taking some black cohost pills and start eating some green leaf to increase my breast size.  I also want to get a breast pump the kind nursing mothers use to increase my nipples and breast.

Friday, January 16, 2015


I should be outside doing some chores but at the moment I am thinking about getting into a feminine mood and doing some errands under-dressed as a woman.
It has been closed to a month since the last I have gotten into my feminine self and I miss it.  I am also thinking of going to a fitness center to work on losing some weight.  I have come across some old photo's and would like to get back down to the weight I had in those photo's.  Plus my dress size would also go back down.
One part down as I am sitting typing this I have lost all of my body hair, have taken a douche and now have a regular flow tampon in my love hole.  I have sprayed perfume on, don panties with a sanitary napkin, black pantyhose, black all-in-one body brief.  Tried on my new shoes but they were too big, might need a size thirteen but not a size fourteen.   I even put in my medium size breast, which are probably glued on right now.
It feels so natural and right to be wearing my feminine things.
When I go grocery shopping this afternoon I need to pick up a few feminine needs as I want to go out as a woman next week and will need these items.
Hair remover lotion, nail polish, mascara, lip gloss and/or lip stick and some hair dye.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Later this week and into the weekend it is suppose to warm up again, when it does I will be using my feminine hygiene products along with my products from Victoria Secret to help in feeling feminine.  I will also dress in my women's attire and have my silicone breast glued on.
First of the week I will also leave here once again dressed as a woman and will find someplace to go as a woman.  I would really love to go shopping as a woman, for that to happen I would need to have something locked up to keep from playing with it.  If only there was a place to buy it locally.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Since the first of the year I haven't really felt like getting into a feminine mood, probably because of it being so cold outside.  I wouldn't enjoy being my feminine self, but I believe that could change.  I need to do it as I have way too much women's attire to leave it sit in storage bins and dresser draws.  Plus I still think and have fantasies about being a woman or being dressed as a woman and making love to another woman and/or making love to man dressed as a woman.  Having either a woman with strap on make love to me and abuse my love hole or have a man use my love hole and me use his cum maker.
I have some new tops to wear along with a pair of new heels to try on.  I should have done it yesterday as the temperature was up in the mid forties but didn't.  Hopefully this week I will.