Tuesday, April 21, 2015


It has been a long time, several weeks since the last time I had the time to become a woman.  Today I had decided that it was the day to use the rest of the hair remover lotion, applied nail polish to my toenails and have taken a feminine douche as a enema and have inserted a super plus tampon back into my love hole.  I also applied scented body lotion all over my body.
I need to go out probably in drab attire but under-dressed as a woman to the Lane Bryant store to pick up a couple of items.  I haven decided yet if I will be wearing  makeup or not.  I might put some on just because I can, usually when I do put some on I usually go all out  with the makeup.  I do know I will be wearing perfume.
I would love to find a woman who wouldn't mind this side of me and to be able to go out shopping as two women.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I finally went and done it I am now completely hairless have been since Sunday and have use feminine douche twice since Sunday.
Today being Tuesday is the first chance I had to get completely dressed as a woman, including makeup and heels.  It was also the first chance I had to try on the new dress that came last week.  I like it, fits and looks good on me, I shouldn't keep it but I am going to keep it.  I think Macy's has turn into my favorite place to shop for women's dresses.
I still need more feminine douche, eyeliner and a couple of things from the hardware store.  I will be going out later with feminine items on under some drab attire.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Either later today or tomorrow afternoon toward evening I will be using my hair remover lotion, applying pink nail polish to my toenails, douching and using my vibrating dildo on myself.  I will be on my way to dressing as a woman.  I still need a couple of things from the store eyeliner, feminine douche and some spray on glue for my silicone breast.  I may get under-dressed as a woman when I get ready to go to the store and purchase my needed items.
I am so looking forward to once again to be dressing as a woman, I will just have to be careful next week as the local school is on spring break and I know some bus drivers that may or may not drop by.  As I had some damage after all the rain we had this past week.  I can't do anything about it until I have some gravel delivered.  So I might as well enjoy myself dressing as a woman.