Friday, November 29, 2013


I have a plumbing problem in the kitchen the drain on the sinks drains really slow.  I brought some new pipe and fittings on Wednesday evening hoping to repair it yesterday.  That didn't happen I also found I needed to replace the trap so out to the hardware store this morning for more parts.  Once I get my butt in gear to repair that line then I can get back to being a woman on a cold day.  I can once again apply nail polish to my toenails take a shower and douche and insert tampons into my love hole.  I wish it was warmer out to where I could put the dog out and enjoy my vibrating dildo in my love hole.
With douching and inserting tampons then dressing as a woman with her makeup and perfume on will do for now.  Plus I will be able to do some baking and cooking as a only as a woman can.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


I had wanted to go out yesterday as a woman but didn't the man across the road from me has been off work going on two months now.  I don't mind the women around here seeing me dressed as a woman but find it offensive if the men around here do.
Lately I have only been dressed as a woman inside my home, I no longer go out for drives or to the post office as a woman.  I don't even go out shopping for woman's clothes under-dressed as a woman anymore.  The closest I came to doing that was earlier this week when I went to the grocery store under-dressed as a woman.  It used to be when I went out for drives I was completely dressed as a woman including makeup, jewelry and perfume on.  I didn't have a problem carrying a purse or who seen me leaving or coming back home.  Now all of a sudden it does matter to me.  Hopefully I can get over that notion and get back to being the person I long to be.
I have some time to kill while I am waiting on some blackberry cobblers to get done before I head out to a friends house.  The draw back about going is I have to be drab attire the whole time (don't ask/ don't tell scene).
Anyways I have decided to straighten up the dresser where I keep all of my lingerie and foundations clothes.  Plus I will be straighten up an closet where I keep my dresses, skirts and tops.  I have found some panties and pantyhose that need to be wash.
I will be getting back into my feminine mode on Friday.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Here it is Wednesday and I still don't have what I need from the store.  I will be applying some hair remover lotion all over my body, using feminine douche and inserting a tampon to hold it in.  Once flushed out I will reinsert a well lubricated regular flow tampon into my love hole, panties with a sanitary napkin, pantyhose and an all-in-one body brief.  I'm not sure what kind of top to wear but I am leaning toward a pink turtle neck with woman's jeans, light makeup with some eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss.  Not sure of foot wear, cowboy boots or women high heel boots with a woman's long wool coat.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I didn't mean to get fully dressed as a woman today but here I sit with all of my under things on plus a woman's sweater, jeans and makeup on.
I still have a couple of outside chores to do yet.  I guess I will be wearing my coveralls and sun glasses as I have applied eye shadow and eye liner, can't forget the extra mascara I put on.  I need a couple of things from the store but don't know if I can get comfortable enough dressed like this to walk into a store.  I know it is all in my mind, but it would be a lot easier if I had a woman for support.
I wouldn't mind if my "hot" neighbor could see me now, I would probably cum into my sanitary napkin.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


The urge is starting to come back I now have two bottles of hair remover that I will probably be using today.  Once I use it I will probably get under-dressed as a woman with some light makeup on and head to the grocery store for some feminine douche as I always enjoy using it and inserting well lubricated tampons into my love hole.
On Monday I need to go to the Local Lane Bryant store and see if a dress is still there, if so I need to pick it up.  I will be going there under-dressed as a woman also with makeup and perfume on.
Done it used my hair remover lotion all over my body, once out of the shower I used some baby oil all over my body, sprayed some perfume on and donned panties with a sanitary napkin in them, coffee color pantyhose, black all-in-one body brief, black slip on heels and a new dress from Jessica London that came yesterday. 
It feels so wonderful and right to be dressed like this, now to apply some makeup and to spend the day as a woman.
I went to the grocery store this evening under-dressed as a woman brought a few items for Thursday and I also brought two packages of feminine douche, package of sanitary napkins, mascara, cotton balls and some herbal medicine for woman going through menopause.
I will be using the douche in the morning then inserting a well lubricated super plus tampon into my love canal and finish getting dressed as a woman with some makeup and perfume on.  I am hoping to leave here in the morning dressed as a woman.  The worst that can happen I will be under-dressed as a woman with some makeup and perfume on.

Friday, November 22, 2013


I have lost all interest in dressing as a woman, I know that this won't last that it only temporary.  When I lost the interest I went ahead and deleted my history from this site.  I will once again post when the urge comes back.