Sunday, January 31, 2016


I have got the need to dress as a woman today.  I have just gotten out of the shower where I had used hair remover lotion all over my body.  I have used a feminine douche as a enema and have a super plus tampon inside of me to help hold it in.  Once I am flushed out I am wanting to use my vibrating dildo on myself, once I get done with it I will then insert a regular flow tampon inside my rectum.  I will then spray perfume on, don panties with a sanitary napkin in them, pantyhose and an all-in-one body brief, silicone breasts, foundation, face powder, eye shadow, mascara.  Then put on a woman's top and woman's jeans.  May even go for a wig and woman's jewelry.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Yesterday when I got out of the shower I sprayed on some perfume and don panties with a sanitary napkin, bra and knees highs.  I then put on a thermal top and a short sleeve shirt, a pair of ankle socks and woman's jeans.  I stayed under-dressed as a woman all day and it felt fantastic.
Tomorrow I need to go to the grocery store for some fruit but before I go I will use hair remover lotion, douche and insert a super plus tampon to help hold it in.  Once flushed out so to speak I will re-insert a regular flow tampon back in, sprayed perfume on, panties with a sanitary napkin, pantyhose, all-in-one body brief, apply my makeup, woman's top, woman's jeans,  Then try on my woman's winter boots and if fit will wear them.  If not men's shoes might even wear the long woman's winter coat I have if I wear it I will take my woman's billfold with me.  If  not a men's coat and men's billfold.
After getting some more fruit, I will head to the makeup aisle and see about getting some eyeliner, lipstick/lip-gloss and eye shadow.  Might even look to see if the hair remover lotion is still marked down.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


I am in the right frame of mind if I had a pair or two of winter shoes or boots to leave here dressed as a woman today.
I got dressed as a woman including makeup, jewelry and wig and it feels so wonderful and right.  I have some bills to pay on line then change out of my dress, heels,  remove my wig and earrings.  The put on jeans and a top and head out to the store for grocery items plus some feminine items as well.  As I see myself being a woman again tomorrow.
It didn't take long doing bills on line but I am not ready to step out of my dress just yet, it still feels wonderful and natural to be dressed this way.
Figures my woman's winter boots arrived while I was gone, at least I will get to try them on tomorrow when I am dressed as a woman again.

Monday, January 18, 2016


I went done it I used the hair remover lotion I brought the other day, probably didn't leave it on long enough as it looks like I will doing it again tomorrow.  I also need to put some on my back.  I need to buy some more sanitary napkins the ones I got has wings and I don't like those kind.  I have also use a feminine douche and inserted a tampon and it feels wonderful.  I am now dressed as a woman the only things I really need if I was going out somewhere would be my makeup, wig and woman's jewelry everything I have on is woman's attire including the heels I have on.  It all feels so wonderful and right to be dressed this way.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Today being Sunday I have been wanting to use the hair remover lotion and be dressed as a woman.  I knew if I done that the chores I need to do outside this coming week wouldn't get done.  I need to get my chores done outside this coming week then I can use the remover lotion and be dressed as a woman all day long and all week long.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


I was on line the other day and ordered a top and pair of jeans from Lane Bryant they came today.  I also ordered a bottle of perfume from Victoria's Secret and it came today.
I still need some sanitary napkins and few feminine items from the store along with some grocery items for breakfast in the morning.
I will be going grocery shopping in the next few hours and hopefully be getting my feminine items as well.
I did go to the store while being under-dressed as a woman with a woman's top and woman's jeans on but had to wear men's shoes and men's winter coat. Beside getting the needed items for breakfast I also got sanitary napkins, two boxes of feminine douche, foundation and four bottles of hair remover lotion that has been discontinue.  It was marked down and I will be going back there for more if they still have it two bottles for the price of one regular kind.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


I need some more things from the store, had a pair of knee highs on but it wasn't helping with my urge to be feminine.
Took a shower then sprayed perfume on don panties with a sanitary napkin in them, black pantyhose and an all-in-one body brief.  It feels so wonderful and right to have those undergarments on.  I still need some makeup and feminine hygiene supplies.  I also need two bottles of hair remover lotion.  Later this evening I need to order some more perfume.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Need some groceries and am thinking of going there under-dressed as a woman, of course I would be buying some feminine supplies as well.  It seems that is the only time I can buy my supplies is when I am under-dressed as a woman.
If it was a bit warmer I could wear my light weight woman's coat but with it being cold out out I would have to wear a heavy winter coat and by doing so I could wear my breast inserts also.  I would also have on some makeup and perfume.

Monday, January 4, 2016


I have lost about 10-pounds so far I have changed my eating habits.  Yesterday while I was taking a shower I had an overwhelming desire to masturbate, which I did thinking about being dressed as a woman and being taken missionary style.  Being able to wrap my nylon covered legs with heels on around the person that was reaming me and shooting cum into me, while he was in me he was also playing with my nipples and breast.
In my mind it felt so nice and wonderful.
Of courses that has got me to thinking about losing my body hair, using a feminine douche and getting dressed as a woman.  Which may happen anyway.