Friday, February 28, 2014


I had some errands to run today in doing them I had a pair of panties on with a sanitary napkin in them with some perfume sprayed on.
I should have stayed home and gotten completely dressed as a woman.
Hopefully in the next few days that will happen, In feel I need to do it.
I still haven't decided what I am going to do to earn some extra money this year.   I would like to get employment somewhere where I could work under-dressed as a woman or completely dressed as a woman.
To be able to leave my home dressed as a woman, work as a woman and to come back home as a woman it would give the neighbors a lot to talk about as if they don't talk about me the way it is now.
I enjoy my time when I am dressed as a woman and one or two of the neighbors that have seen me as a woman have never said anything but I wish one of them would stop and say something.
I am hoping that I can sun bath or at least work in my garden this year wearing a woman's swimsuit.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


A bit late in the day on Tuesday afternoon but I did  use my hair remover,  took a douche and inserted a super plus tampon into my love canal.
I didn't get dressed as a woman on Tuesday but I do need a few items from the store today and it being cold out once again I will be going there under-dressed as a woman, may just wear all feminine outer-wear along with my woman's wool coat.  The only problem is shoes only have heels or boots with heels.
Maybe I just need to go shoe shopping as a woman.
I do think I will be joining a fitness center as a male but will work on losing weight as a woman.  That way I can wear smaller dress sizes as the woman I long to be.

Monday, February 24, 2014


Hopefully by Tuesday afternoon I can once again become a woman.  Right now I am in the process of repairing some steps I accidently took out on Sunday.  They were in need of repair so it wasn't a total loss that I took them out with a piece of farm machinery.
I came close to using some hair remover today before going after some more lumber but didn't.  This way I can enjoy becoming a woman and enjoy my day as a woman come Tuesday afternoon and with some luck the rest of the week as a woman. 
I would really like to go as a woman if for nothing else to go for a drive as one and maybe mail something as a woman.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014


The weather is suppose to be cooler on Sunday, so that may be the day I can lose what body hair that has grown back.  Take a douche and work on becoming a woman for a week or so.  I do have some new items I would like to try on and if possible wear some things out and about.
My nipples are getting hard just thinking about becoming a woman.
I have been checking some fitness centers out and have come to the conclusion I will need to buy some excising clothes.  I wonder if they have  unisex clothes for excising.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I had wanted to dress as a woman yesterday and the rest of the week but do to some circumstances that won't be happening.
Since the weather has gotten warmer is wanting to come out and work with one of her animals and she told me yesterday that she would like to stay the week if that is the case I will have to take everything off hangers and put into storage containers.
Just shooting my idea's down and very well can't say no unless I change the locks on the house as she has a spare key.

Monday, February 17, 2014


For the last few days I have changed my eating habits, hopefully I will be able to continue.
I have just gotten through ordering some more woman's tops and a pair of woman's slacks.  Tomorrow I am having my taxes done how I wish I could go there completely dressed as a woman, might go there under-dressed as a woman without makeup or perfume on.  I could always take my makeup and perfume once out of the tax office find somewhere to apply my makeup and spray perfume on.  Might as well take a dress, heels, purse and jewelry then I could always come back as the woman I was meant to be.
Might as well give the woman across the road something to talk about.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


I am having an overwhelming urge to get into my feminine mood today.  I need some business envelopes that I have been wanting to buy for the last three weeks but haven't as of yet.
I do have a couple of things that I need to do today as my male self but that urge is there and she usually gets her way.  If she can wait until tomorrow I will promise her I will stay as a woman all day and will use the vibrating dildo on her as she has fell in love with it.
She will more then likely will want to go for a drive should it warm up but she really needs to get her nails done, then she can go anywhere her heart desires.
I do know she wants to go to a club with the possibility of picking up somebody or having somebody pick her up and making her behave like the woman she wants to be.
One errand done now to get the other one done and I can become a woman for the week. 
I have a couple of new dresses to try on along with some tops to go with jeans, I may have to look into ordering a pair or two of woman's slacks with some woman's shorts for this year.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I had to go a clinic the other day it seems I have  bad sinus infection, while in there I had to step on a scale and I knew I had gain weight but didn't realize how much until that day.
Needless to say I need to change my eating habits and find a gym to go to, not only for my male self but it will help in my feminine self also.
I need to restock in some vegetables and fruit today and when I go to the grocery store I will be going there under-dressed as a woman and hope to find a gym to work on their exercising equipment.  If I can find someplace I will also be going there under-dressed as a woman, may look into purchasing some women's exercising clothes. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


My panties finally came in the mail yesterday, this morning I put a pair of my new panties on, bra with silicone breast inserts, woman's jeans and a woman's top.  I am planning on wearing this outfit all day.
Laying in bed this morning watching the news they had showed where the temperature is suppose to be in the fifties on Monday of next week.  I will be able to put the dog outside for a while take my time using hair remover all over my body, douche, tampon and using my vibrating dildo on myself.  Tomorrow I will need some fruit from the store I will be going there under-dressed as a woman with my woman's jeans and a pull over top on.  I will also use some makeup and perfume.  I just won't be wearing my silicone breast, woman's jewelry,  woman's shoes or woman's coat with a purse. 
With the coat I was wearing I believe I could have kept my silicone breast inserts in my all-in-one and nobody would have know the difference.  I do want to go in there sometime dressed completely as a woman to do my shopping.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I never made it to dressing as a woman yesterday but today according to FED-EX I should be getting some packages today.
Looks like I will be wearing some feminine attire when I go to the store today, a course I will also be under-dressed as a woman might even wear some makeup and perfume just not my silicone breast, purse, woman's coat and woman's shoes/boots.
My nipples are getting hard just thinking about it.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Another snow storm is to come in late this evening, I need to do a few things outside first then I can spend the afternoon getting ready to be a woman.
I got to thinking this morning laying in bed I need to shop for a satin night grown and matching robe alone with some woman's slippers.
I need to work on losing some weight in the spring I will probably look into purchasing a bicycle to ride.  Then I can buy one of those woman's bicycling spandex outfits and a helmet to ride in to ride in.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


I had wanted to get into my feminine mood today but I have to go to another funeral home to see an friend laid to rest.
Hopefully I can become a sissy woman on Friday through the weekend.  I will use my hair remover again on Friday, douche and insert a tampon or two then apply scented body lotion all over my body and get dressed as a woman including makeup, jewelry and perfume.
I do hope the weather changes soon as I keep shopping on the internet for feminine clothes.  I really need to shop locally for them that way everybody can see what a sissy I am.  I can always go shopping for more woman's shoes and a purse or two.  I do need a pair of woman's deck/pool shoes and a over size bag to carry my sun bathing accessories.
I do want to go and get a pedicure and a manicure done.  Once my hair gets longer hopefully by the fall I want to get my ears pierced also.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I had planned on dressing as  a woman today, that was until I woke up this morning and found out that the electric was out. 
I had to get the generator out along with a kerosene and propane heater going to keep my water pipes from freezing.
Hopefully later this week I can dress as a woman, I would really like to find the nerve to get a manicure done and to start going out as a woman.
I was thinking this morning while I was laying in bed that I need to get some butt plugs in different sizes and to start using them, in case I ever go out as a woman and find somebody that wants to give me something.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Yesterday I kept shopping on the internet went back to the Roman's site and ordered a swimsuit and a straw hat.  I keep saying or telling myself that I will lay out in the sun in a woman's swimsuit, hopefully my hot neighbor will see me wearing the woman's swimsuit.
I also ordered some panties from the Hanes outlet site.
Should it ever quit snowing and raining I would like to start going out dressed as a woman,  I used to do that a few years ago.  I can still hear the door slamming shut from the woman across the road when she saw me in a woman's top, leather skirt, makeup and heels.
That year I used to go shopping at the mall under-dressed as a woman wearing some makeup and perfume in drab attire.  I wasn't afraid to tell the sales associate that the clothes I was shopping for were for me and I was allowed to try them on before buying them.
The house that I lived in before buying this one was in a subdivision and I used to buy Easter outfits that I would wear in my fenced (private) in backyard.  There was one or two neighbors that could see me walking around my yard in my Easter outfit, at the time I didn't care but it felt so nice to have an Easter outfit.
I wouldn't mind buying one again but should I do I would want to wear it somewhere other then my backyard.
I often think about going to a church wearing an Easter outfit on Easter Sunday.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Spent more then I wanted to at the grocery store but did get my feminine items and yes once the groceries were put up I used my hair remover lotion and feminine douche.  Once the hair was washed down the drain and the douche flushed, I inserted my vibrating dildo and it felt wonderful.  I kept it in my love hole for about thirty minutes, then inserted a regular flow tampon and finished getting dressed as a woman with makeup and earrings on.  I also glued on my largest silicone breast and they feel wonderful also.


In doing my errands yesterday I still didn't make it to the grocery store.  I'll be headed that way here shortly, by the way I will be under-dressed as a woman but without makeup on.
Right now I have my last feminine douche and a super plus tampon inside of me,  I will be buying two boxes of feminine douche, two bottles of hair remover, foundation, eye liner and makeup sponges.  I will also buy a few grocery items.
Once I get back home I will use the hair remover and another douche as I want to use my vibrating dildo on myself.  I will then get dressed as a woman and do some house cleaning and I will have glued on a pair of silicone breast.
I have ordered some tops and a pair of woman's jeans from Roman's, hopefully I will be dressed as a woman when it arrives.  I am hoping to stay dressed as a woman for the month or more and hope my hot neighbor can see me as a woman out working in her garden this year.  I hope to sun bath as a woman this year also.