Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I had thought I might have traveling this coming weekend so I had forgotten about buying some hair remover lotion and some much needed makeup supplies.  Now with the weather turning colder that weekend trip isn't going to happen.  It is suppose to have a shower tomorrow and if it does I will be going out under-dressed as a woman with woman's jeans and a woman's top on.  I have a light weight woman's coat that came last week I was thinking of sending it back but I might put it to good use on Wednesday.  Leave here as a woman carrying her purse and go out shopping as a woman and to come back home as a woman.  It could happen if I didn't  relive myself  before leaving the house.  It would be nice if I a certain woman or two around here could see me out and about dressed as a woman.  I would have to wear my heels as I don't have any woman's flat shoes.  I would also be wearing woman's jeans or slacks with a nice woman's top and I would diffidently be wearing makeup and perfume along with woman's jewelry.

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