Monday, December 19, 2016


I thought I was house sitting this week for a friend but found yesterday that isn't the case.  Plan B formed in my head yesterday that I will spend the week dressed as a woman.  Started out this morning as one was able to stay dress completely for four hours.  I would had made it longer but had to masturbate, then I was still able to keep everything on for about ten or fifteen minutes after.
I have a doctor's appointment in the morning considering my shoulder after that I am getting my vehicle serviced and have been talking myself into a manicure and some artificial nails.  Should that last part happen I want to go out shopping dressed as a woman for some woman's slacks, jeans, tops and woman's shoes.  Either way I will still be dressing as a woman after buying feminine hygiene products that I need and will start house cleaning and cooking as the woman of the house.  I wouldn't mind buying a dildo or two while I am out tomorrow.

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