Friday, December 26, 2014


My feminine self had ordered two tops a couple of weeks ago and they came last week along with scented body wash and scented body lotion  that she also ordered.
Now with the shoes that she is waiting on, she will be getting dressed as the woman she thinks she is in the New Year.
She already had him get some hair remover lotion for her to use in the next couple of days and she will be using some feminine douche as an enema.
Of course when she uses it she will also use a tampon and sanitary napkin in her panties.
She is doing her best to convince him to let his hair grow out and if she can convince him to do it by this time next year (s)he should have pierced ears and will be wearing pierced earrings.
They both need to find employment somewhere, so he can pay bills and she can continue to shop for women clothes and accessories.

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