Friday, December 5, 2014


The day after she tried on one of the sweater dresses and she didn't like them.  It wasn't an hour later and she was walking out the door wearing a pullover sweater top, her new black slacks, black slip on heels, her long wool coat, wig, makeup and jewelry on carrying her purse and the bag of dresses.  She made a show for the woman across the road in case she was looking out.  She took her time in getting into her vehicle and then leaving as the woman she believes she is.  Once out of sight then the male side took over he removed the earrings and wig.  Found a place to remove the silicone inserts and change in gym shoes and a different coat.  Kept everything else on.  After sending the dresses back she made him change back into her attire and go back home as the woman she left as.

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