Monday, June 15, 2015


I went and ordered a new dress and heels from Lane Bryant just now.  I don't really need it but felt like I would look good in it.
I guess I am more of a woman then I want to let on, I am hoping by fall I can start going out as a woman.
 It would be nice to have another woman to go shopping with or just to have a woman's day and/or night out on the town.
At this stage in life I wouldn't mine a man taking me out as a woman, to have him have his arm around me, to order for me, to hold a chair for me.  To completely treat me as his woman.  Of course I would have to treat him as my man, when coming back from powdering my face I would drop my panties in his lap, but to keep something from springing up I would have to have it in a cage.
It has gotten to the point pictures don't do nothing for me , I have to read a story to get excited any more.  As the third sentence say's I am more of a woman then I let on.

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