Thursday, February 25, 2016


The urge was here again today and this time the daughter and grand children didn't show up this morning for the woman across the road.
Applied my makeup, sprayed perfume on and got dressed as a woman with just a pull over top with woman's jeans, heels, wig and woman's jewelry.
Loaded my purse up or tried to as I have misplaced my woman's billfold, don a woman's wool coat and walked out the door.
Got into my vehicle and left as a woman.  I went to the store to buy makeup sponges, eye shadow and feminine soap.  I came back home as a woman.
It didn't seem right as I didn't have tampon inside of myself or my all-in-one body brief.  I much prefer to wear a dress and heels but didn't want to be overdressed.

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  1. Finally it happened, good for you. ;-)