Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I got to thinking this morning while looking at dresses on line, that I haven't brought an Easter dress in a long time.  Not that I would wear it to any religious services but I could if I get my nerve up.
I used to buy an Easter outfit or suit when I lived in the subdivision all of the time.
I had seen a couple of dresses on line that I would like to have and I might just go ahead and order them and tell myself that either one of them will be my Easter dress for this year.
I need to start going out as a woman is what I keep telling myself but just hate going downtown to where the clubs are.
If I am to continue being a cross-dresser and keep my body hair free then I need to start going out dressed as the woman/sissy that I am.
I need to get over myself esteem and be who I am behind closed doors.
I went ahead and ordered the two dresses I seen on line, hopefully I will wear them somewhere  other then behind closed doors.

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