Monday, July 11, 2016


I am going to buy the hair remover lotion, feminine douche, tampons and sanitary napkins the next time I am in the grocery store.
I need to start becoming a woman in my mind and this will help in deciding that I am that woman.  Hopefully by end of summer I can be dressing as one again.
I got the basic bra and panties to wear and hopefully I will get the use of my left arm wear I can wear pantyhose by end of summer, shop for heels and flats in women's.  Then purchase some makeup and go out shopping for woman's attire.  To shop, try on and purchase, then shop some more.
My hair should be long enough for dye and styled at a beauty salon and might get my ears pierced and will differently get a pedicure and manicure done.
I want to start going out as a woman as the accidental I had back in February has open my eyes to things I dreamed about doing and what I need to start doing.
I need to shop for some dildos and would like to do it as a woman.
I went ahead and ordered a pair heels from Zappoo's this afternoon.

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