Sunday, July 17, 2016


There has been times since my divorce some twenty plus years ago that I wouldn't have mind being seen dressed as a woman by my ex-wife.
Even today if possible I would like to be seen by her, to be out shopping dressed as a woman and accidentally see her or a few other women since her.
The one I dated after my divorce came final I wouldn't mind seeing that one as she was the one that used to use a dildo on herself or wanted somebody else to use one on her while licking between her legs.  I must say that she got me to thinking about using one on myself and it felt wonderful.
Then there is a third woman who I wouldn't mind seeing me dressed as a woman, she wanted the big type bouncer type of men, not the small penis of a male that I am.
Is it wrong for me to be seen dressed as a woman by these three women?  I think that they all might agree that it is only fitting that I should have been a woman to start with.
It would be so nice to see them and have them see me as a woman either on the arm of a dominate woman or a strong looking man.  To either of the man or woman to have their way with me and to let it be known that I am truly the woman in the relationship.

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  1. i think there are some Women who you know really have the capacity to be in control, or your relationship with them clicks so you are in a submissive space. i get it. ~sara