Thursday, January 11, 2018


Here in a bit will starting my afternoon ritual, this time I need to drink it down or lick it out of my hand.  I need to taste my cum and savor it, it has been a while.
Still thinking about the post office box and some women's lingerie,  I know for a fact it won't stop at lingerie, it will move on toward woman's tops, jeans and/or slacks, skirts and dresses, shoes and purses, makeup and jewelry and on to a hairless body, nail polish on toenails and douching and inserting either tampon or a vibrating dildo into my bio pussy.
It all would be better if the wife and step-daughter came up with the idea.   Then they could take me out shopping or to the beauty or nail salon with them and treat me as a woman 24/7/365.

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