Saturday, May 12, 2018


If I wasn't married I would be dressed as a woman right now and would have been for the last year.  I would still have all of my woman's attire and makeup.
I might even be out shopping right now as a woman, I do know I would have been out socializing as a woman in the evenings and on the weekends.
I would have had a woman's swimsuit last year to lay out in.  My hair would be down to my shoulder and I would have kept it in a pony tail during the week.
I would have been getting a pedicure, manicure at least once a month, would had my ears pierced at least once.
Most of my attire would be feminine, I would have several purses and woman's billfolds.  A separate room for all feminine items and woman's jewelry.  No telling how many woman's shoes I would have.
I would even wear some woman's clothes when I see my woman doctor for high blood pressure. When she would have me take deep breaths to check my lungs she would feel my bra straps.  Then when she checks for swollen ankles she would feel my nylons.  She might even prescribe some female hormones.
Who knows what may have happen if I wasn't married.


  1. Sharon you need to talk to your wife about how you feel. These feelings f yours won't go away and are perfectly natural ones to have but it is ot fair to, indirectly, blame her for something that you feel is absent from your life which she is likely totally unaware of.

    Sorry to be blunt but i really think you shoul talk to her about it.



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