Tuesday, December 11, 2018


I keep having this fantasy of being completely dressed as a woman working at the kitchen counter when a man comes up behind behind me and starts to caressing my breasts and kissing the back of my neck.  He then whispers in my ear  and tells me what he wants to do to me. Once my nipples gets hard I lean back into him and he raises my skirt or dress as I bend over the counter, he then pulls down my pantyhose and panties.  Lubes up my love hole and sticks his member into me and gives me the screwing I deserve.  I feel his cum inside of me , once he goes limp he then pulls out of me as I get some paper towels to put in my panties to keep his cum from leaking all over me.  I then pull up my panties and pantyhose and finish what I was doing.  That evening I take a shower or bath before going to bed as he takes one also and we continue our love making in the bedroom where I start with sucking and licking on his member then he takes me missionary style and fills me up again.  From then on I only wear open bottom all in ones with stockings attached to a garter strap.  Along with dresses and or skirts.

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