Friday, November 29, 2013


I have a plumbing problem in the kitchen the drain on the sinks drains really slow.  I brought some new pipe and fittings on Wednesday evening hoping to repair it yesterday.  That didn't happen I also found I needed to replace the trap so out to the hardware store this morning for more parts.  Once I get my butt in gear to repair that line then I can get back to being a woman on a cold day.  I can once again apply nail polish to my toenails take a shower and douche and insert tampons into my love hole.  I wish it was warmer out to where I could put the dog out and enjoy my vibrating dildo in my love hole.
With douching and inserting tampons then dressing as a woman with her makeup and perfume on will do for now.  Plus I will be able to do some baking and cooking as a only as a woman can.

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