Thursday, November 28, 2013


I had wanted to go out yesterday as a woman but didn't the man across the road from me has been off work going on two months now.  I don't mind the women around here seeing me dressed as a woman but find it offensive if the men around here do.
Lately I have only been dressed as a woman inside my home, I no longer go out for drives or to the post office as a woman.  I don't even go out shopping for woman's clothes under-dressed as a woman anymore.  The closest I came to doing that was earlier this week when I went to the grocery store under-dressed as a woman.  It used to be when I went out for drives I was completely dressed as a woman including makeup, jewelry and perfume on.  I didn't have a problem carrying a purse or who seen me leaving or coming back home.  Now all of a sudden it does matter to me.  Hopefully I can get over that notion and get back to being the person I long to be.
I have some time to kill while I am waiting on some blackberry cobblers to get done before I head out to a friends house.  The draw back about going is I have to be drab attire the whole time (don't ask/ don't tell scene).
Anyways I have decided to straighten up the dresser where I keep all of my lingerie and foundations clothes.  Plus I will be straighten up an closet where I keep my dresses, skirts and tops.  I have found some panties and pantyhose that need to be wash.
I will be getting back into my feminine mode on Friday.

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