Sunday, March 9, 2014


I was trying to figure out what to give up for lent about the only thing I could think of was cross-dressing.  I don't know if I will be able to or not, I haven't made it a week and the temptation is already getting to me.
The weather this week is suppose to be warm and inviting to dress as a woman and to go out for a drive to snail mail some letters.  Plus I got my new all-in-one body brief this past week and I would really like to try it on.  I wouldn't be able to just try it on I would have to go all out and dress completely as a woman.  Of course in doing so I would have to start with hair remover lotion, then douche and insert a super plus tampon once flushed out I would want to use my vibrating dildo.  After thirty minutes or so then I would be inserting another super plus tampon spraying myself with perfume then I would be ready for my panties with a sanitary napkin, pantyhose, all-in-one body brief, high heels, robe and then I would start applying my makeup once my makeup was done then select a dress double check my makeup, earrings, woman's watch and rings.  Load my purse up and walk out the door for a drive to the post office to snail mail my letters.
Just don't know if I can give it up or not, time will tell.

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