Monday, March 31, 2014


I was hoping the new outfit would have shown up today as this evening would have been a good time to wear it out for a drive and to the post office to snail mail some letters.
I only like to go out in the evenings when the man across the road isn't home and tonight he isn't there.
I had prep my silicone breast to be glued on and hand washed my dildo's to use on myself this afternoon but no packages.  I stayed dressed as a male all day but really would have liked to have been a woman wearing a new outfit.
There is a local woman's specialty store part of a national chain that is looking for sales associates and I have been thinking of applying for a position.  I wonder what they would say can't very denied the job other then saying I'm not qualify as I have a charge account with them and buy from there and have told one or two that the clothes are for me.
Might have to think on it some more before I apply.  I would wear what ever they wanted me to wear.

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