Thursday, August 7, 2014


For the last few days I have been having an over whelming urge to become feminine, to lose what little body hair I have to use a feminine douche and to insert a super plus tampon into my love hole.  To apply scented body lotion all over my body, to flushed my system out and to use my vibrating dildo on myself.  Then to spray perfume all over my body, insert another tampon into my love hole, don panties with a sanitary napkin, pantyhose, slip on heels, bra and to glue on a pair of silicone breast.  Apply makeup, remove my bra and to don my all-in-one body brief, select a dress, earrings, woman's rings, woman's watch then to select on of my wigs.  Then to transfer my id's and money to a woman's billfold and to load up one of my purses.  I would then leave here and go for a drive or to a club for gays and lesbians.

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