Monday, January 12, 2015


Since the first of the year I haven't really felt like getting into a feminine mood, probably because of it being so cold outside.  I wouldn't enjoy being my feminine self, but I believe that could change.  I need to do it as I have way too much women's attire to leave it sit in storage bins and dresser draws.  Plus I still think and have fantasies about being a woman or being dressed as a woman and making love to another woman and/or making love to man dressed as a woman.  Having either a woman with strap on make love to me and abuse my love hole or have a man use my love hole and me use his cum maker.
I have some new tops to wear along with a pair of new heels to try on.  I should have done it yesterday as the temperature was up in the mid forties but didn't.  Hopefully this week I will. 

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