Monday, January 26, 2015


For the last couple of days all I have been thinking about is excising dressed as a woman.  Today I will be dressed as a woman but before excising as a woman I want to go shoe shopping for some heels and woman's gym shoes.  While I am out I will also shop for nail polish, lipstick/lip gloss, mascara, foundation, feminine douche, hair remover lotion and hair dye.
I would like to buy an woman's excising outfit, then I would have to move the excise machine into my home instead of leaving it in the garage. 
I could do more excising as a woman and work more on losing my fab and getting control over my body once again.
I got completely dressed as a woman, from removing body hair to taking a feminine douche and inserting a tampon into my love hole.  I sprayed on perfume and donned panties with a sanitary napkin in them, coffee color pantyhose, black all-in-one body brief.  Applied my makeup, placed silicone breast on, donned a sleeveless sweater, black slip slacks, wig, earrings, woman's watch, rings and heels.
I then transfer my ID's from my male wallet to my woman's billfold, loaded my purse up, got a long woman's wool coat on.  Grab a pair of black gym shoes and walked out to my vehicle and got in. 
I drove to the payless shoe store, removed my earrings, silicone breast and change shoes.  I removed my billfold and put in the inside pocket of the coat.
I walked into the payless shoe store and brought two pair of woman's shoes.  The next time I go in there I will be wearing my silicone breast, heels, earrings and will be carrying my purse.
I think I have reached the point of going out as a woman shopping.  At the very least shoe shopping as a woman.

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