Saturday, March 28, 2015


Still waiting on the dress to arrive.  I have been having a debating with myself on what to do with the dress when it arrives, my male self wants to send it back  as soon as it arrives but my female side wants to try it on and see how she looks in it before deciding what to do.  I believe my female self will win out.
A few more chores to get done around here on the outside, then in about a week I will be ready to get back into a feminine mood.
I hope to stay in that feminine mood a lot longer then I have in the past.   To be able to wear my silicone breast and more feminine tops outside.  To work on a tan wearing a woman's one piece swimsuit.  Just to  having a hairless body again, using feminine hygiene products and be back in panties and a bra will feel wonderful.  Once I use some feminine douche to clean myself out and before inserting a regular flow tampon into my love hole, I will be using a vibrating dildo on myself, then I will be gluing on my silicone breast.  I do want to wear a bra and a top outside while doing some chores in my yard, of course I will also be wearing woman jeans and will have to find some woman's gym shoes or loafers to wear.
I would also like to find a used bike to start riding and to purchase woman's workout wear when I am riding the bike.

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