Sunday, July 19, 2015


This afternoon being Sunday July 19, I will use my hair remover lotion, take an enema using feminine douche and insert a super plus tampon into my love hole to help hold the douche in.  I will then apply scented body lotion, spray some perfume on and proceed to get dressed as a woman.  My new women's tops should be here by first of the week and my dildo's should also be here by end of the week.
The next time I need to go out somewhere not only will I be under-dressed as a woman but will be wearing feminine jeans and a top.   Guess I could say I would be all dressed as a woman, might as well get used to carrying my women's billfold and purse whenever I go out.   Now I will have to shop for some woman's flat shoes, can't keep wearing heels wherever I go.
I hope to stay in a feminine mood all week, I do know what will keep in that mood I need to buy a chastity cage put it on and throw away the kegs to the lock.

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