Wednesday, July 29, 2015


On Monday I use one of my vibrating dildo's myself and it felt wonderful, it suppose to cool off somewhat on Thursday and Friday of this week.  If or when it does I will put the dog back out and proceed to get into a feminine mood once again.  After douching I will insert a vibrating dildo inside of me and use another one around my groin area.  I want to be able to cum with touching that nasty things between my legs. 
In the near future I want to buy a dual breast pump the kind nursing mothers use.
I am looking forward to cooler weather where as I can go out wearing full makeup and be completely dressed as a woman.  I keep telling myself every year for the past few years that I want to go grocery shopping dressed as a woman on Halloween.  I would also like to find employment in a woman's specialty store where I could work dressed as a woman.  I would even consider working at PayLess shoe store if I could work there as a woman.

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