Saturday, January 16, 2016


I was on line the other day and ordered a top and pair of jeans from Lane Bryant they came today.  I also ordered a bottle of perfume from Victoria's Secret and it came today.
I still need some sanitary napkins and few feminine items from the store along with some grocery items for breakfast in the morning.
I will be going grocery shopping in the next few hours and hopefully be getting my feminine items as well.
I did go to the store while being under-dressed as a woman with a woman's top and woman's jeans on but had to wear men's shoes and men's winter coat. Beside getting the needed items for breakfast I also got sanitary napkins, two boxes of feminine douche, foundation and four bottles of hair remover lotion that has been discontinue.  It was marked down and I will be going back there for more if they still have it two bottles for the price of one regular kind.

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