Monday, January 27, 2014


A female friend of mine her mother had passed away this past Saturday and I agreed to be a pallbearer, so now I need to go out and purchase some white tee shirts to wear under a dress shirt that I still have.
You know where this is going as I can't go anywhere unless I have something feminine on to go shopping.  So I will be taking a shower using scented body wash, scented body lotion, douche and insert a tampon then spray on perfume and get under-dressed as a woman.  If I can get my butt in gear I can applied some makeup when I head out along with woman's billfold and woman's black wool coat.
Still haven't gone but am sitting here wishing I would have lived my life after divorced some twenty-something years ago as a woman instead of the make believe male that I am living as.  If I can ever get ahead I would like to take a trip somewhere warmer to check out the living arrangements and live there as a woman to my end of days.

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