Monday, January 6, 2014


On Friday I was notified that my order is in at the Lane Bryant store.  Yesterday I had something to do that was in the opposite direction then the lane Bryant store is in.  I had thought I would be there when the store open this afternoon.  I didn't start getting into my feminine mood until 11:30am when I took my douche and inserted a super plus tampon to help hold it in. 
After sitting here with the douche and tampon in my love hole I really didn't feel like going out with the cold that we are having in this area.  I should have went out but didn't, hopefully by later this week when the temperature starts rising I will fell like going out and getting my three items.  The next time I order something I will have it sent to my home.
Although it is humiliating at times to walk into a woman's specialty store to pick up something that I have ordered.  Plus I usually walk in there under-dressed as a woman.  When I started to go to the local Lane Bryant store it used to be in a mall.  The first time I walked in there and started to look around a sales woman asked if I needed some help told her what I was looking for and she asked if I knew her size, told her it was for me that I enjoy wearing  woman's clothes.  I picked a couple of skirts and tops and used the dressing room to try on the clothes.  As the sales person walked past I seen her look and she seen my nylon cover hairless legs with nail polish on my toenails.  I brought a skirt and blouse that day and open a charge account.

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