Sunday, October 12, 2014


As my male self I gave in to some friends and join Pinterest, I thought it was all private until today when I realized it wasn't.  As my male self I had looked at some crossdressing sites and had followed them not knowing anybody could look at my page.  Guess I am out to some people that didn't know I was into crossdressing. 
Anyway I deactivated my account with them as my male self, my feminine self is still on there and speaking of feminine.  I am now on my way to be feminine from today to who knows when I will stop being feminine.  I am planning on using hair remover a couple times a week and feminine douche at least three times a week if not more.  Every time I douche I will wear at lest two tampons one super pus to help hold in the douche and a regular flow after flushing my system out and a sanitary napkin at all times in my panties.  From here on out I will wear only panties with a pad, keep nail polish on my toenails and may even get a manicure done this week. 
I will be using my vibrating dildo on myself a few times this week starting today.  I will also be getting under-dress as a woman with some makeup on as I need to go to the grocery store.
This week and for the next few weeks I will be dressing as a woman during the day and evening and will be going out as one as well.  Whenever I go out during the week I will always carry a purse and will have on woman's jeans and a woman's top or be wearing a dress with heels or a skirt, top and heels.

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