Monday, October 27, 2014


Haven't had the desire to get feminine but this afternoon I forced myself to get back into my feminine self.
I have used a new bottle of hair remover lotion all over my body, once out of the shower I use scented body lotion and have taken a douche with a super plus tampon inside of me.  Once I flush that out I will use my dildo on myself, then start getting dressed as a woman with the slight chance I can leave here this evening as a woman to snail mail some letters.  If for nothing else I will go to the grocery store under-dress as a woman.
I am now completely dressed as a woman and it feels fantastic, I have my look down  for when I get the chance to leave here as a woman.
I went ahead and ordered a new pull over top and a dress from Lane Bryant, hopefully it will come Friday and if it does I will go there under-dressed as a woman with some makeup on pick up my packages then ask to use a dressing room.  If allowed I will put on my dress, touch up my makeup and walk out of the store wearing my new dress.

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