Thursday, October 15, 2015


I really miss not dressing today as a woman but had some needed chores that needed to be done outside.
On Thursday I will once again be dressing as a woman as my tops and new dresses came today and I need to try them on.
If all goes well I should be able to dress as a woman for the next couple of days and if my new wig comes in I may even go out for a drive somewhere.
Today is Thursday morning from the time I took a shower to dress and applying makeup it was 30-minutes.  I didn't take a douche or used my vibrator, but still feels wonderful being dressed as a woman.
One of my new dresses came yesterday and I guess the other one will arrive today or on Friday.  It feel so nice and looks good on me.
Hopefully my new wig will come either today or in the next few days. 
I need to find somewhere to get a manicure done as I do want to go out as a woman, the feeling is getting stronger everyday.

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