Monday, October 26, 2015


I wasn't going to get dressed as a woman today but here I sit with panties, sanitary napkin in them, jet black pantyhose, control brief,  bra with silicone breast inserts, woman's blue jeans, heels and a woman's pull over top.
I also applied foundation, face powder and lip gloss so far.  I can't forget about the perfume I sprayed on myself.  Here shortly I will apply some eye shadow and mascara.
Hopefully the grocery store won't be packed like it has been the last few times I have been there.  I really need some feminine supplies.
I didn't do it yesterday, I'm going to see if I have any makeup sponges in my purse and if I do I will getting under-dressed as a woman with some light makeup on and go out out and get my needed supplies.  As I have all of my chores done for the day.
I got lucky found an unopened bag of makeup sponges and a package of mascara.  I am now sitting here under-dressed as a woman with some makeup and lip gloss on along with perfume sprayed on.  I have my bra on with silicone breast inserts and heels on.  For now I have an oversize drab tee shirt on and will don a pair of woman's jeans and a pair a drab gym shoes to do my shopping in.  I will probably take out the breast inserts while I am shopping.
Depending on the weather I might not be home this weekend but if I am I want to go out completely dressed as a woman to a gay and lesbian club.  Starting next month I want start going out as a woman either in the evening to a club or out during the day to do some shopping.

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