Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Have been feminine for the last two day and it feels wonderful I even have applied makeup.  I tried on my new dress like it but not the top it will be going back.
I have come to the conclusion today the vibrating dildo feels good but I have to get a bigger one, it just isn't giving me the satisfaction I crave.
Hopefully by end of month I will going out as a woman, I ordered a new wig a bit darker then then my hair and shoulder length.  I desperately want to go grocery shopping as a woman and to start going out to clubs as a woman.
I do need to get a manicure done and have my eyebrows arch into a feminine shape.
I have ordered a couple of new dresses and some more tops along with pantyhose and knee highs.
I have a hard understanding myself why I like to dress as a woman and try to explain to someone why I do it.
My hope if and when I start to go out dressed as a woman is that I can find someone who likes this side of me and doesn't mind when I feel the need to dress as a woman.  They whether it is a woman or a man will see to it that I become the best person I can be when I am dressed as a woman.

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