Thursday, March 24, 2016


So far in the last two days I have spent $195.00 on line restocking my feminine lingerer and earrings.  I still need a couple of dresses, slacks, jeans, tops not to mention some heels and woman's flat shoes.  I also need to get a purse or two along with a woman's billfold.  Some perfume and woman's scented soap and deodorant.  I also need another makeup bag along with makeup.
All in due time.
Just got through placing an order for two tops and a pair of slacks  from Lane Bryant.
I can go to PayLess one of theses days and look for a pair of heels, flat shoes and woman's sneakers.
I will wait until my order with the bra's, panties and pantyhose show up that way I will wear them under my drab attire.
I might as well order some perfume from Victoria Secret.

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