Sunday, March 27, 2016


There have been times when I wouldn't mind being seen out dressed as a woman by a few ex-female friends.  One of them being my ex-wife, I often think about being seen by her if I could find a woman who wouldn't mind or insist I dress as a woman.  To go out as two woman shopping or to take in lunch in a cozy restaurant.  If it couldn't be a woman I would be with then a man to be with him and him having his arm around me to show everybody that I am his.
For either one of these scenes to be sitting in a booth and for either the woman or the man to run their hand on my nylon covered thigh either under my dress or skirt and to whisper in my ear that when I go to the powder room to bring back my panties for them.
Of course they would have me wearing a cock cage long before we would have went out.
The other ex-female friends would be some women that I have dated right after my divorce, one knew the reason for my divorce was that I couldn't stop dressing as a woman and the other knew I had a fetish for pantyhose.  I still wouldn't mind being dressed as a woman and be out and about as one and see either of them.

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