Sunday, May 11, 2014


I haven't been dressing as a woman as much as I wish I have been.  I do keep my body hair free and I do have a problem playing with my nipples and breasts.
Last night I go to looking at some women's attire on the Lane Bryant's web-site, found two dresses, a blouse and some woman's slacks that my feminine self liked.  She went ahead and ordered them to be sent to the local store.  My feminine self has told my male self that it will be her that will pick them up, actually it will be the combination of both of them that will be picking it up, he may be under-dressed as a woman but she will also have some makeup and perfume on.
More then likely when s/he picks the order up, s/he can go to the payless store and get a couple pairs of woman's shoes.
I just got through ordering some new panties from Macy's.
Now I am in the mood to get feminine but need some lubricant to use feminine douche, tampons and to use my dildo of which I don't have at the moment.
I had thought the neighbor was leaving as I would like to walk around in my woman's swimsuit for my hot neighbor to see me in but that didn't happen either.  I may go out and get some lubricant so that I can douche and use my vibrating dildo on myself.

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